Clipping Magic 3.0 – Better AI, Better Editor, Better Edges!

Clipping Magic 3.0 is here! This updated version brings a whole slew of new goodies for all your background removal needs:

Better AI

The Clipping Magic AI has received a full overhaul, incorporating all the fantastic new training data that has built up since the last update. That’s right, Clipping Magic actively learns from real world usage on real world images, not on some academic or cobbled together special-case datasets. We’re probably the only background removal solution to do that at this scale. This has led to significant improvements in the fraction of images that require edits and faster than ever clipping. And we’re set up to make even further gains as more and more data accumulates, so stay tuned for more!

Greatly improved hair support

Hair is now fully automatically handled, and the results are better and come faster than ever.

Just upload an image with hair or fur, and Clipping Magic automatically detects where it is and marks it yellow for you!

CM3 Better Hair

This means not only great fully automatic hair results, but also that you can edit the hair freely. Did we miss a strand? A quick swipe of┬áthe yellow brush will bring it right back. Did we mark something that isn’t hair? Delete the mark, no problem. You can even place select green and red marks inside the hair region to bring back or suppress specific spots!

Visible AI

This is all part of what we call “Visible AI”. Instead of hiding everything about the AI, we surface it and give you control over it. We believe in a future where AI helps and assists but doesn’t control human creativity. A future where you are and remain in charge. Sure, when the AI gets it right you don’t need to do anything and that’s great. But the dirty little secret in AI is that all AIs inevitably make mistakes, and they can’t always know what you’re looking for.

We chose to not leave you stranded when that happens.

Better editor

The editor has gotten a deep scrub to make sure it consistently delivers both great functionality and convenience.

Downloads now start automatically as soon as the result has been generated. This may seem obvious, but it turns out the web is a crazy place and it took quite some clever hacking to get that to actually work and not have the download just get blocked by the browser.

CM3 Better Editor

You can now drop, paste, or pick the next image to work on as soon as you’re done with the current one for an even smoother multi-image flow. Actually, you can drop or paste a new image at any time.

The editor now has momentum pan, an updated set of cursors that make precision marks easier, and the double-pane view automatically stacks either horizontally or vertically depending on the available space.

We have upgraded every aspect of our infrastructure so that images initialize faster, and the site is always fast to use no matter where you are in the world.

This means that consistent, friction-free background removal is always at your fingertips – sign up today!

Better edges

The edges are now both smoother and follow foreground details even better than before.

CM2 Better Edges

This is a classic problem in image processing: is that pixel there noise, or signal? Sometimes you want to follow the precise details prescribed by the original image, and sometimes you need to gloss over the noise. The key is to tell them apart, and to do so reliably. Clipping Magic is now more in tune with your images, and does a better job of ignoring their imperfections while staying true to their artistic intent.

This means your results now look a little extra crisp and correct in a subtle but impactful way.

Scan mode

We noticed that many of you upload scans of signatures and official stamps. This image category took some special processing to get the results just right, and we’re happy to announce its general availability.

CM3 Supports Scans

This mode also works great for scans of books, newpaper clippings, and some artworks.

It’s automatically selected for you on appropriate images, and available as an option for a broader set – just switch the Processing Mode in the editor.

Be sure to check out the full Scan Tutorial.

More languages and currencies

Clipping Magic is now available in a full 17 languages and 43 currencies! We love our global customer base and want to make sure that you can use your favorite background remover on your terms.

CM3 More Languages


API improvements

CM3 Improved APIWe have significantly expanded our API offering:

  1. Auto Clip API operation. Just upload an image and immediately get a fully automatic result back. As always, you can still incorporate the Smart Editor if you like.
  2. Hosted Smart Editor. To make the integration of the Smart Editor even easier, it’s now offered in Hosted mode where all you need to do is compose a simple URL and redirect your operator to it. Great for backend operations!
  3. Massively expanded set of upload options. Virtually all of the Smart Editor’s configuration options can now be controlled on image upload. This is by far the most powerful background removal API on the market.
  4. More sample code in more programming languages. To make integration a snap we now provide full example code in all major programming languages – integrating the Clipping Magic API has never been easier!
  5. API key rotation. You can now have up to two keys per account so that you can safely rotate your keys without any downtime. This feature is available on your account page.

Available now

All of these great improvements are now available to all users.

Thank you for reading, and be sure to give us a try!